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Did you know king penguins can dive up to 300 metres searching for fish, squid and krill to eat?

To help keep themselves warm, they make their feathers waterproof by covering them with a special ‘preening oil’, which comes from a gland near their tail!

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For the penguins

Your purchase helps support penguin research, conservation and education campaigns.

When you buy a penguin design from The Antarctic Shop, we give 10% of what we make to Penguins International.

For the rest of 2020 we are giving at least 40%, and up to 50%!

Your purchase helps to fund four major penguin projects in 2020-21:

  • Building artificial nests for the vulnerable Humboldt penguin
  • Research into vulnerable Fiordland penguin foraging habits
  • Monitoring penguin colony populations
  • Developing digital educational resources to increase global penguin awareness

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